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Small Christian Community (SCC)

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(Acts 6:7,12:24)

“The parish is not principally a structure, a territory, a building. The parish is first of all a
community of the faithful… that is the tack of the parish today; to be a community, to rediscover itself as community… Make yourselves builders of communities in which, after the example of the first community, the Word lives and acts.”

 Small Christian Communities (SCC) provides parishioners an opportunity to connect life and faith in a supportive environment.  It’s a place in which spiritual growth can take place, a place to nurture contemplative living in the midst of our busy lives.

SCC is a place to enhance one’s personal spirituality.It Is a safe place to discuss sensitive issues and receive prayer regarding them. It can prove to be a support system in times of trial and crises as the members can be like an extended family of sisters and brothers in-Christ.SCC Provides a sense of community and belonging and prayer support for the family.

SCCs often meet once a week in the homes of the members and may rotate the meeting location between the member’s homes.All members carry their personal Bible. There is Reflection on Scripture and the teaching of the Church.SCC also focuses on service both within and beyond the community.
One need not be well-versed in the bible. Small Christian Communities are not Bible Study groups. The SCC’s will be a learning experience for all.

At our Chapel we have 15 SCC Groups, Every group has two Animators and one parish council member which will animate their own respective community with the help of the chaplain.