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 Hope Logo 1Hope- Bhorvanso is a charitable welfare group for poor students’ education. It is a charitable association of Franciscan Friars.

The main objective of the association is to help poor and deserving students for education by providing financial support to enable them to pursue their studies.

All volunteers of  “ Bhorvanso- Hope” participate through the spirit of  voluntarism. It means not a single person in any meeting is paid a salary, stipend or any form of financial reimbursement. There is also no paid membership to be a “Bhorvanso- Hope”- volunteer.

In our own words, committee’s relevant decision are through meetings, where every member has an equal say in the decision.All the accounts of the group are audited at the financial year ending.

Every beneficiary is interviewed before receiving financial assistance. Beneficiaries are expected to be cooperative in providing all necessary documents and information. While some delay is understandable, non-compliance with necessary documentation can be grounds for non-funding or revoking funds.

 Decision to fund or not to fund an initiative, project or person  is a collective decision at every governing body meeting and the members may decide to base its decision on not only the formal visit to the institute but also other visits to the beneficiary and communication. After the group arrives at a decision, they should communicate same to the grantee. If the decision is not to fund the project, then the members should communicate that to the applicant with reasons. Applicants are given an opportunity to respond to that decision if they want to.

The applications shall be considered by all the members of the association formed for the purpose.Incomplete applications shall not be considered. The funding of courses to be decided by all members of the association based on the total amount in hand.