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Altar Servers

Altar20Servers.24091610_stdAn altar server is a person who assists the priest during mass.

Formerly, only men and boys could serve at the altar, but canon 230 of the Code of Canon law promulgated in 1983 allowed local ordinaries to permit girls and women to do so. The term “acolyte” is sometimes applied to altar servers, but in the proper sense means someone who has been received the ministry of that name, usually reserved for those who are to be promoted to the permanent or transitory diaconate.

The minimum age varies by local circumstance, but boys must be mature enough to carry out their duties without disrupting the sanctity of the altar.

 In our Chapel, to be an altar server it is required that the person should have received their first Holy Communion. Parents should encourage to send their children to serve at the altar.

Altar servers are trained how to serve at the altar, Knowledge of all the liturgical practices, colors of vestments of priests, postures at the altar etc are thought to them at their weekly meetings and classes. No differentiation is made between girls and boys and equal opportunities are given to all the servers.

It is an honor to serve on the altar and get to be so closely involved in the celebration of the Eucharist.